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Iran Cyber Police Have Arrested 28,000 Peopels in 1700 Days

The Islamic Republic of Iran Cyber police have arrested more than 28,000 people and shut down about 47,000 websites told Cyber police chief “Hadiyanfar” in news conference. Iranian Cyber police have arrested 53 Islamic State (ISIS) supporters who were active on cyber space and have identified and removed 132 terrorist website in first 8 months of […]

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Iran Cyber Army Thwarted Hackers Attack On Oil Industry

Iran’s head of cyber police Brigadier General Kamal Hadianfar told in an interview on Tuesday that Iranian cyber army had foiled a cyber attack on the Islamic republic’s oil ministry. IP Address of Hackers behind the cyber attack were based in United States and Iranian cyber police have informed the U.S. authorities about the hack […]

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Iranian Cyber Police Arrested 240 M/W Shut Down 900 Websites

Iranian cyber police or FATA arrested 240 men and women and shut down about 900 websites in Sistan and Baluchestan Province,report Shahrwand newspaper. According the reports all those individuals were involved in illegal Internet activities and active in managing porn and creating fake profiles, recently Cyber police of Revolutionary Guards announced its Spider project and […]

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Internet Suicide was Averted by Greece Police Cyber Crime Unit

Greece Police Cyber Crime Unit innovative cyber alert system followed and targeted an internet user who expressed his intention to commit suicide on social media website. Greece Department of Electronic Crime collaboration with the social networking company identified meta data of the individuals and could trace the geographical location of residence of the suicidal person,then […]


Iran Court Sentenced Youth Facebook users 123 years Prison

Tehran Revolutionary court have sentenced eight boys and girls for using Facebook, they have been arrested last year for their activity on Facebook by Iranian Revolutionary Guard Cyber Unit. Report Kalame. The young boys and girl’s age between eighteen and thirty have been charged for socializing online against national security, insulting the Supreme Leader, insulting […]