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A criminal got your IP address, what now?!

You just got a message from a cybercriminal claiming that he has obtained your IP address, he claims that he will hack you, and that you have to follow the orders given by the criminal. Do not panic, follow these steps Check your public IP and match it Before you respond, take a look if […]


Mama, I am a criminal; You are fighting a lifestyle, remember that!

Counter Strike go, underground forums, weed, cryptocurrency and energy drinks, these are one of the things that you will see back in our current day hacker. This hacker knows his way on the web, is familiair with VPNs and not because of the reason you think of. These kids and kiddies are familiar with these […]


Caught on tape: Skimmers adjusting credit/debit scanners to steal money

Footage has been released which shows how a group of men adjust a credit/debit scanner in a local gas station in order to steal money. On the video, it is clearly visible that the credit/debit scanner is adjusted by the criminals – they were able to do this – as one of the males lured […]