Notorious APT Group Platinum is Still Active – Comes With New Attack Campaigns

New waves of attack by a notorious APT group Platinum is again noticed by Kaspersky Lab. This time Platinum APT group is using new Steganography techniques to make their APT stealthier. As per Kaspersky report in this new attack campaigns they are using two steganography techniques. Platinum APT uses an elaborate steganographic technique to conceal […]


John McAfee Faces Off With Former FBI Agent Steve Rogers On iPhone Backdoor!

What do you think? Do you think that the FBI or any agency should be allowed to have backdoors installed on software? and do you agree that the FBI is unable to keep the backdoor secret? Share your thoughts! 

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Harman AMX multimedia devices contain ‘Batman’ and ‘Black Widow’ backdoors

The Batman backdoor and the Black widow backdoor can be found in Harman AMX multimedia devices which are used in conference rooms and so on. The backdoors Batman and Black Widow are claimed to be a “debugger” account for an engineer which worked on the AMX products – the claim is that the engineer forgot […]

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Massive collection of RAT Backdoors in the Middle East [FREE 2 SHARE]

Below is a list of active RAT domains, with a geographical location in Syria, Iraq, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, Palistinian areas, Tunisia, United Arab Emerates and Yemen. We don’t have information on the specific actors behind these backdoors, and RedSocks has omitted the IP addresses given the fact that most domains are dynamic […]


The best Etumbot APT Backdoor review

The Arbor Networks has published a report on the Etumbot APT Backdoor. The Etumbot APT Backdoor is used in targeted cyber-attacks. The first time the Etumbot was seen was in March, 2011. The Arbor Network report provides insight in the capabilities and techniques which are used by the Etumbot APT Backdoor. The authors of the […]