Fortune 100 Customers Like TD Bank, Ford, and Netflix Data Exposed by Attunity Ltd

Attunity Ltd. exposed sensitive information of its Fortune 100 customers such as Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Bank), Ford Motor Co., and Netflix on the internet. According to the report published on upguard the sensitive data exposed through an unprotected Amazon Web Services cloud-computer servers bucket. Attunity Ltd. is an Israel based company that manages and safeguards […]

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AWS  (Amazon Web Services), Risks associated and how to stay safe

Last week we saw a report that states Magecart skimmer was found on Amazon CloudFront – a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Amazon CloudFront Content Delivery Network hosted JavaScript libraries that were tempered with and injected with Magecart skimmer. In February, 2018 approximately 12,000 social media influencer’s personal information got exposed by a misconfigured Amazon Web […]


Malicious history of has been listed on Cyberwarzone because it has a history of malicious activities. The IP has been reported on various domains which keep track of malicious IP’s. The chance is very high that has already been added to your blacklist service provider. Reasons why is listed on Cyberwarzone: History of being on a blacklist History […]