Web developer launches petition to create open source Flash

Now that Adobe announced the end of Flash Player, Finnish web developer Juha Lindstedt launched a petition asking Adobe to open the Flash specification so it can be maintained by the opensource community. According to Lindstedt, Flash is an important part of internet history and it’s end might mean the end of websites that run […]

How to

10 Best Websites to Download Free AfterEffects Templates

It is easy to guess the best visual effects and motion graphics software. That is Adobe AfterEffects. It is equally famous among beginners and professionals of the industry. This makes it the first choice even for those who are just learning about motion effects. But there is a problem here for the beginners. It is […]

Antivirus Hacking

British Newspaper The Independent Hacked

The British national morning newspaper “The Independent” blog and news site has been compromised ,millions of readers at risk of getting infected with ransomware. Security researchers from Trend Micro find the security incident and have informed The Independent, Angler Exploit Kit activity have been monitored by researchers on blog part of web site which uses […]