Anonymous ‎Million Mask March 2014: All you need to know and more [5th of November]

Be aware, Anonymous is going to hold the Million Mask March on the 5th of November. The Million Mask March has been promoted on social media networks since the last Million Mask March which took place on the 5th of November in 2013. This time it will be bigger and better. The reason behind this […]


Shocking video R.I.P LiL Wayne 2014 [Facebook hoax]

Shocking video R.I.P LiL Wayne 2014 is the title of the latest Facebook hoax. The Shocking video R.I.P LiL Wayne 2014 hoax is luring unaware LiL Wayne fans to a malicious website. The scammers have titled the malicious video “Shocking video R.I.P LiL Wayne 2014”. So be aware when you see a post which has the […]


Hackers behind opPetrol will attack on June 20, 2014

The hackers which organized the #opPetrol operation in 2013, are going to attack the same targets again on June 20, 2014. The AnonGhost hackers claim that they are going to hack the companies in Kuwait-Suadi Arabia as they are supporting Israeli companies and affiliations. It is known as black gold. AnonGhost has published a new operation […]

Anonymous Cybersecurity

Anonymous World Cup 2014 target list

Anonymous hacktivists have published a statement, which holds the message that Anonymous hackers will initiate a cyber-attack on the World Cup sponsors. The Anonymous hacktivists and hackers are claimed that they are going to attack each World Cup sponsor. It would not be strange, if Anonymous would attack World Cup affiliated companies and sponsors. The […]