T-Mobile Experian’s Data Breach Customers’ Data Stolen

Whether it’s good news or bad, I’m going to be direct, transparent and honest ,wrote T-Mobile CEO on his post to reaction about Experian firm data Breach which processes T-Mobile credit applications.

The data bracht has compromised the personal data of about 15 million T-Mobile customers records ,records include name,address and birthdate ,encrypted fields with Social Security ,driver’s license, passport number,information used in T-Mobile’s own credit assessment ,Experian has taken responsibility for the data breach in a press release.

Bellow from the Q&A about the incident :

Q: What happened?

A: Experian’s network server was accessed by an unauthorized party.The unauthorized access an isolated incident over a limited period of time. It included access to a server that contained personal information for consumers who applied for T-Mobile USA postpaid services between Sept. 1, 2013 and Sept. 16, 2015.

Experian’s consumer credit database was not accessed, and no other clients’ data was accessed.

At this time, we have no indication that T-Mobile’s information has been used inappropriately.

As soon as Experian detected the unauthorized access, we notified law enforcement and initiated a full investigation. We continue to investigate the incident and we are taking the necessary steps to prevent it from recurring.

Q: What information might have been compromised?

A: Based on our investigation to date, some T-Mobile applicants who applied for services from Sept. 1, 2013 through Sept. 16, 2015 had unauthorized disclosure of their personal information. Records containing a name, address, Social Security number, date of birth, identification number (typically a driver’s license, military ID, or passport number) and additional information used in T-Mobile’s own credit assessment were downloaded. No payment card or banking information was obtained. Experian’s consumer credit database was not accessed as part of this incident.

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