T-Mobile Can’t Catch a Break: Employee Data Leaked in Latest Scandal!

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Don’t you think it’s time we had a serious talk about data breaches? Especially when they keep happening to the same companies over and over again. Yes. T-Mobile data has been leaked. If we are correct, this is the 3rd time this year.

This time, it’s T-Mobile in the hot seat, and we heard it first from VXUnderground’s Twitter feed1. And just to be clear, this isn’t a rerun—this is a brand-new data breach affecting T-Mobile employees.

Affected PartyT-Mobile Employees
Leak SourceBreachForum
Initial Leak DateApril 2023
Public DisclosureSeptember 21, 2023
Data TypeMultiple databases
Actors InvolvedDoubl (breach), Emo (leak)
Quick overview
Screenshot of VXunderground tweet on the Tmobile breach.
Screenshot of VXunderground tweet on the Tmobile breach.

Before the rumor mill starts spinning out of control, let’s set the record straight.

According to VXUnderground, the data that was leaked in this latest T-Mobile breach doesn’t involve customer information. Instead, it’s the personal data of T-Mobile employees that’s been exposed. Feeling a sense of déjà vu? You should. This is the third time2 this year that T-Mobile has faced a similar situation.

The breach was orchestrated by someone going by the name “Doubl,” and the leaked information was shared by another individual named “Emo“.

The breach originally took place in April 2023 but wasn’t disclosed until September 21, 2023. That’s a significant lag, and we can only speculate why it took the threat actors so long to leak the data. What we do know is that this breach followed another that occurred in March 2023. T-Mobile is having a tough year, to say the least.

The leaked data is making the rounds on various platforms. Initially shared on BreachForum, the information is now being disseminated through Telegram and Discord channels. The scope of the leak is massive, encompassing multiple databases.

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