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Syrian Rebel Father Allows Al-Qaeda Rebels To Repeatedly violate His 15 Year Old Daughter

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Remember how Obama traded 5 Al-Qaeda terrorists? Well, then this will shock you even more. A video has been leaked on the internet which shows how a 15 year old Syrian girl explains how her Syrian Rebel father allowed Al-Qaeda terrorists to abuse and rape her.

The Syrian girl Rawan Milad Al-Dah explains how she was abused by the Al-Qaeda rebels, she continues to explain that her mother forced her to tell noone about the assaults on her body.

She explains that her father was a farmer before the war happened. She tells that how the war escalated, her dad become more aggresive to her. She explains that her dad would start hitting her without reason.

It is possible that the girl is being forced to tell this story, but the chance is high that she is speaking the truth. What do you think?

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Share this with people that should know this: