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Syrian Electronic Army Social Engineering Tricks

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The internet security firm Kaspersky Lab discovered a new malware attack used by Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) which install spyware on computers.

The Syrian Electronic Army using social engineering tricks to deliver malware by tricking and tempting victims into opening and exploring malicious files.

The Syrian Electronic Army is responsible for various hacks. They hacked the websites of Time, CNN, and the Washington Post after gaining administrative access to Outbrain.


Malware writers are using multiple techniques to deliver their files and entice the victims to run them,
creating an effective infection vector. Mainly depending on social engineering the attackers exploit:
• Victims’ trust in social networking forums
• Victims’ curiosity in following news related to political conflict in Syria
• Victims’ fear of attacks from government
• Victims’ lack of technology awareness

Youtube videos explain how to install programmes containing malicious code


Share this with people that should know this: