Symantec cyber war games 2014

A very high level overview of how the Internet functions as well as the primary components that make up the Internet.

This module will also touch on some of the different security devices that exist in modern enterprise networks outlining their purpose and the way attackers try to take advantage of them.

Symantec cyber war games 2014

Overview of the first phase of an attack, Reconnaissance. The reconnaissance stage is where the adversary leverages information from a variety of factors to understand their target.

Examines the use of John the Ripper for cracking passwords, using NetCat to transfer files and Dig to perform DNS queries.

Overview of the third phase of an attack, Discovery. The discovery stage is when the adversary map’s out the organization’s defenses from the inside and creates a battle plan, often deploying backdoors and alternate data paths.

Overview of the fourth phase of an attack, Capture. The capture stage is when the adversary accesses unprotected systems and captures information over an extended period of time using various methods to secretly acquire data or disrupt operations.

Overview of the fifth and final phase of an attack, Exfiltration. The exfiltration phase is when captured information is removed from a target network and placed on an external network of choice by an attacker.

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