Sylvester Stallone fatal car crash

Be aware for the latest scam which has gone viral on Facebook. The Sylvester Stallone fatal car crash hoax is currently spreading on the social media network and it seems that a lot of people are buying the fake information which is being provided.

A website which has been hosted on the altervista domain is claiming that Sylvester Stallone has been in a fatal car crash while he was filming his latest movie.

The hoax claims that Sylvester Stallone did not survive the car crash and it is calling for everyone to share the hoax about the Sylvester Stallone Fatal car crash.


The scammers behind these scams are crafting these fatal car crash hoaxes as a lot of loyal fans want to know if the person is al right. This means that the hoax website will get a lot of hits and views. This results in a revenue for the scammer which is behind the Sylvester Stallone Fatal car crash hoax.

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