What is swatting

Some people on the internet just don’t know when to stop. Swatting is a case when a online user has a problem with another online user. One of the users will try to find personal information which will then be used to call the Police to file a fake report on the other online user. The latest swatting case which went viral is the case where 30 SWAT officers were called to check on a family house. The person which called the SWAT team claimed that the family in the home was being taken hostage.

The most common places which lead to swatting are the 4CHAN channels and the gaming communities:

People will swat for the following reasons:

  • Can’t win a battle online
  • Just for fun (trolling)
  • To give the target a hard time

Be aware that Swatting is illegal and it will lead to a punishment which could be a financial punishment, or a certain time in jail.

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