Suspects of Paris Charlie Hebdo terror attack have been arrested and identified

In Brussels, several hundred people gathered in front of the consulate of France and the European Parliament, where they waved silently pencils or pens in solidarity. Candles, too, were lit under the sign “I’m Charlie” hanging on a statue. Just over 200 people gathered in Liege. At Trafalgar Square in the heart of London, several hundred people gathered, serious faces, many French. Many brought with them placards “I am Charlie” or the message displayed on the screen of their mobile phone.


The arrested persons are: 

  • 18 years old
  • 32 years old
  • 34 years old

In Madrid, they were hundreds outside the Embassy of France in the presence of the Ambassador Jerome Bonnafont. The crowd chanted “Freedom of expression, Freedom of expression,” before singing the Marseillaise in front of a blue-white-red flag. The former Socialist President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, was there, too, to show his support. In The Hague, a few hundred people have agreed to meet on the Spui in the city center. Some waved French flags while others sang Quand on n’a que l’amour by Jacques Brel. In Stockholm, 70 people gathered in front of the Embassy of France, some with flowers, some candles.

Islamic attack France

8:57 p.m.. “The journeys, and school outings of an exceptional nature, organized in Ile-de-France are, until further notice, suspended,” says the Ministry of Education in a statement. Even setpoint transmitted to the mayors in charge of organizing extracurricular activities. “For the whole country, the presence of adults to inputs and outputs is implemented.” A visual inspection should be done on bags and “special attention is required to avoid crowding around these institutions. “Finally, the Ministry asked the rectors, in connection with the prefects, identify sensitive schools and schools. A minute of silence will be observed in all schools and universities, at noon tomorrow

8:50 p.m.. In a call to Hollande around 20:30 US President Barack Obama marked “full support and solidarity of the United States to France” and stressed “the importance of shared values of democracy and freedom of term, “says one at the Elysee.

20:30. “These barbarians will not have the last word, art and freedom will be stronger than all intolerance,” says Cartooning for Peace, an international network of cartoonists incurred. “The caricature and freedom of expression are unbearable for fans,” said the network, which supports designers prevented from freely exercising their profession or whose liberty is threatened everywhere. “These assassinations are staged to introduce a regime of terror, to muzzle journalists and cartoonists and beyond, all citizens,” said the network in a statement, illustrated by a drawing of Plantu contained a hand drawing in pencil the words “with all my heart with Charlie Hebdo” in letters of blood.

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