Suspect arrested for facilitating fake login bank sites

The cybercrime team of the The Hague police unit arrested a 22-year-old resident of The Hague last week, he is suspected of having bought fake login panels from a now convicted resident from Almelo.

The young resident of The Hague emerged in the research as a customer of the panel builder Haiku. Haiku delivered the fake login sites to various customers on order, who then went after the login details of bank customers by means of phishing. When a bank’s customers clicked on the link sent, for example in apps or text messages, they came to a fake login screen built by Haiku. The login details for internet banking that were entered there were captured by criminals who then emptied the bank account.

The person from The Hague arrested last week is suspected of dealing with phishing panels, fraud, computer intrusion and money laundering. During a search of his home, data carriers and cash were seized. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins were also found during the search. The investigation on how many people have become victim is still ongoing.