Survey scams: How to identify them and how to get rid of them

It can be just one of those days, you are surfing the web, and you come across a post or video which claims to hold shocking, inspiring, leaked or private videos. The post contains an image which certainly gets a hold on your attention, and you are hooked. You click on the link, and you are navigated to the website which should hold the video which you are looking for.

But the first thing you will see is actually something different then a video, you will see instructions on how to be “ABLE” to watch the video. These instructions come in various ways, they can claim that you will need to install a video codec, or that you will need to share and like the video before you are able to watch it.


Now this is the first part which the cyber criminals try to infect unaware users.

Once the user has downloaded the video codec, they are infected with an video codec which is manipulated by cyber criminals and hackers into a malicious video codec.

If you decide to share and like the survey scam website, you will be redirected to another website, which will claim that you need to provide information to a survey to proof that you are “a real person” or above a certain age.

Infected x2

In the survey scam step, the cyber criminal or hacker will be able to obtain personal information from unaware users. The information which is provided to the Survey scam is transferred to the cyber criminal or hacker.