Sudanese Hacker Group ‘Anonymous Sudan’ Launches DDoS Attacks Against Kenyan Financial Services

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In an escalating cyber conflict, the hacker collective known as ‘Anonymous Sudan‘ has launched a new wave of Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks against several prominent Kenyan financial and governmental services, marking the latest skirmish in this digital battlefield.

The targeted services, Ecitizen, Mpesa app, MySafaricom app and KCB Mpesa reported severe service disruptions on July 27th, 2023.

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Hacker Collective’s Bold Statement:

Anonymous Sudan took to their Telegram channel to proclaim responsibility for the attacks, taunting the Kenyan authorities with a chilling message. “We have the entire Kenyan government in our mighty chokehold, we won’t let them breathe,” they declared. “Their cyber security experts are scratching their head as all their systems are down. We have successfully sent Kenya to the Stone Age, and more is to come.”

Anonymous Sudan bold statement on Telegram
Anonymous Sudan bold statement on Telegram

Impact of the Attacks

The DDoS attacks launched by the group brought about severe disruptions, impacting a significant proportion of the digital financial ecosystem in Kenya. This has generated uncertainty and concern among users, with an urgent call for swift response from the cybersecurity community.

@MihrThakar sharing his opinion on the Anonymous Sudan Cyberattacks on Kenya
@MihrThakar sharing his opinion on the Anonymous Sudan Cyberattacks on Kenya

Social Media Outcry: Disruption Sparks Complaints on X (Formerly Twitter)

In the aftermath of the DDoS attacks launched by Anonymous Sudan, users of the popular social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, have voiced their frustrations and concerns over the disruption of key financial and governmental services. Users have reported being unable to complete essential transactions or access important services, such as Ecitizen, Mpesa app, MySafaricom app and KCB Mpesa.

Among the numerous posts, a common theme emerges – a strong demand for swift action and reassurance from the Kenyan authorities and service providers.

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