Why it was stupid to suspend the social media accounts which shared the ISIS videos

First of all, lets get rid of all the negative readers. Yes, we do care about the person which got killed and yes we do care about the shocking footage. It is inhumane and it has no place on this planet. Now lets take a look on the intelligence side of the social media accounts which were banned. It was the perfect moment for government agencies to take a look on the possible future ISIS members and the current active ISIS supporters on the internet.

It is not wise, when a company like Twitter decides to block all the accounts which have been sharing the ISIS videos on Twitter. It is not wise from Facebook, to close the groups which holds ISIS supporters. Why, you might ask? Because the accounts which have been banned are simply accounts. The same persons will create new accounts or will move to another environment which does not block these groups. So it solves nothing.

On the other side, it helps the ISIS supporters and accounts to keep their “hidden” identity (as far as they try to hide it). The government agencies which try to keep a close watch on these accounts will have to accept the fact that the social media sites simply “deleted” or “banned” the ISIS accounts. Resulting in a dead end for those specific selected social media accounts.

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