Stromae just published this HONEST video on Twitter users, including the USA president

The singer Stromae and his producers have published a new video for the “Carmen” song.

The video takes a look on how the Twitter community is changing the way we act in our social life. The video starts with a small bird (Twitter) which joins Stromae, they first have a good time, gaining in strenght and Twitter followers, and as that happends, the small bird, grows into a massive Bird which decides the choices for Stromae.

The Small Twitter Bird
The Small Twitter Bird

In the video it is also viewable how Stromae got in love, and how he was warned about the popularity but as you would expect, Stromae did not care about these warnings. I personally enjoyed the new video as it has been animated in a very cool way, and I am already a big fan of him, and yes, I like the message which he is spreading through his video.

Stromae Big Twitter bird
Big Twitter bird

 The Music Video

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