Strategies for Cybersecurity and Critical Information Infrastructure Protection

The Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) policy proposed by the Commission in 2009 focuses on prevention, preparedness and awareness and defines a plan for immediate actions to strengthen the security and resilience of CIIs.

The proposed actions complement existing measures in the area of police and judicial cooperation to prevent, fight and prosecute criminal and terrorist activities targeting CIIs. These proposals are also reflected in the EU research efforts in the field of network and information security and are in line with the international initiatives in this area.

Here you will find a collection of the Cyber security strategies from countries around the world.

 Australia: Cyber Security Strategy


Canada: Canada’s Cyber Security Strategy

Estonian Cyber Security Strategy

US: The Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative

India: Cyber Security Strategy

UK: A Strong Britain in an Age of Uncertainty: The National Security Strategy

Germany: National Strategy for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP Strategy)

Finland: Enhancing the usability and availability of information infrastructure essential for securing the vital functions of societ

Japan: The First National Strategy on Information Security
Information Security Strategy for Protecting the Nation

New Zealand: The Digital Strategy 2.0

Singapore: Singapore’s Strategy In Securing Cyberspace
Infocomm Security Masterplan 2

Gives insight into the strategy of China 

Capability of the People’s Republic of China to Conduct Cyber Warfare and Computer Network Exploitation


U.S. think tank CSIS advice on cyber security


White paper on Defence and National security
NATO :NATO Cyber Defence Policy and activities

Cyber Security Strategy of the United Kingdom (2009)

House of Lords ‘Protecting Europe against large-scale cyber attacks

The Comprehensive National CyberSecurity Initiative (CNCI) – Obama Administration 2010


Nederlandse nationale cyber security strategie



Cyber Security Strategy

Cyber Security Strategy



Dutch, French & German Cyber Security Strategies presented