Stop using Flash, it will get you HACKED – Flash Exploits

The latest Hacking Team hack has showed that zero days are being used by private companies and cyber criminals to obtain certain goals. The Hacking Team company had stored various zero day Flash exploits on their systems.

The zero day Flash exploits would allow “Hacking Team” or their clients to penetrate target environments without triggering the most common security solutions.

An zero day vulnerability is an vulnerability which has not been made public yet, meaning that just a couple of people are aware of the weakness in the code. Now just imagine, that the Flash Player which a lot of people have installed on their devices would contain vulnerable code.

Hold on, don’t imagine, just read some articles.

Various articles have been made public in the last week, which clearly state that it is stupid to keep using the Flash Player application as it is full with vulnerabilities which are being exploited by cybercriminals and “security” companies like HackingTeam.