Steganography: How to hide text in pictures with Windows Command Prompt

The Windows operating system allows users to hide text files in pictures by simply using the Windows Command Prompt. The Windows Command prompt can be found in each Windows operating system, so this guide can be used on all the Windows operating systems and not only 8.1 or 7.

This technique allows you to hide messages or complete text files in a picture, and you can send it across the internet without alerting anyone else about the information which is stored in the picture. If someone retrieves the picture, they will open it and they will simply see a picture and not the message which is included in the picture.

The steps which have been provided below will allow you to hide messages in pictures by using the Windows Command Prompt.


First thing we need to do is to specify the Steganography pictures and text file which we want to use. In this guide, we have selected the 1.jpg picture to hold the txt file.


We use the “copy /b [IMAGE] + [TEXTFILE] [space] [OUTPUT NAME]” command to hide the text in the picture with Steganography.


You will be alerted that the file has been generated.


The content of the text file.


Right click on the picture and open it with notepad.


Tadaa, we see the hidden message in the picture, and yes, the picture will still load, like nothing has happend to it.

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