State Secret Information Found at NCTV Employee’s Home

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Breach of National Security

At the home of an employee of the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV)1 in the Netherlands, who is suspected of leaking state secrets, large quantities of sensitive and state secret information have been discovered. This development was confirmed by sources to NOS following reports from De Telegraaf.

The Suspect’s Profile

The suspect, 64-year-old Abderrahim El M., had a long-standing career as a translator and analyst for the NCTV. He was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of passing state secrets to the secret service of Morocco.

Details of the Seized Material

The exact amount of material found is unclear, as is the duration for which El M. had been taking the information home. Numerous USB sticks containing information from the NCTV and the police were seized following a house search.

Significance of the Information

The NCTV stores state secret information on various critical topics, including cybersecurity and economic security. It also monitors terrorist threats from both domestic and international sources and holds data concerning the security of politicians, judges, and journalists.

Concerns Among Colleagues

Two years ago, colleagues from the Counter-terrorism, Extremism, and Radicalization department raised concerns about El M.’s integrity.

They were alarmed by his habit of taking confidential information on vacation and his potential dual role. El M. was involved in highly confidential investigations.

According to De Telegraaf2, his arrest came as a shock to the police and NCTV staff. El M. was well-regarded for his knowledge and experience over many years of service.

Another Arrest

In addition to El M., a 35-year-old woman from Gouda was arrested earlier this month. She had previously worked for the NCTV and had recently joined the police. She is also suspected of taking and distributing secret information.

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