To start the video, please share it below virus

Be aware for the websites which demand that you share a video first before you can play the video. These websites are made by cybercriminals that are after one thing only. Your personal information. The hackers setup these fake websites that demand that you must share the video first, so you will be able to play the video.

They demand their victims to share the video first as this will increase the rate of the infection. Hackers are using this technique as it will allow them to reach at least 100 000 persons on the internet. The hackers will use the following sentences to lure unaware users to share the malicious websites:

  • To start the video, please share it below
  • You must share the video to play

Once the video has been shared, the cybercriminal will lure the unaware user to a malicious website that will demand them to install a malicious application. It is also possible that the hacker will navigate the user to a revenue earning website which will provide the cybercriminal some money.

Remember that hackers will try various methods to infect people. Be prepared and use a anti-virus on your computer. Change your passwords regularly and keep your password a secret.

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