SpyEye hacker arrested

SpyEye hacker has been arrested in Britain

A SpyEye hacker has been arrested in Britain. According to a report from TrendMicro the Law Enforcement in England has arrested and prosecuted a hacker named ‘Jam3s’. The Law enforcement worked together with the Trend Micro lab to arrest the SpyEye hacker.

SpyEye Hacker ‘Jam3s’

The hacker ‘James’ had developed a SpyEye credit card credentials grabber with Gribodemon. This plugin allowed the hackers to collect credit card numbers by analyzing the network traffic on the infected machine.

According to the SpyEye Trend Micro report the hacker worked through several usernames. The research company published the SpyEye hacker accounts picture on their website.

SpyEye hacker accounts
SpyEye hacker accounts

Earlier this month, EuroPol and the FBI worked on a massive raid on hackers which had bought and used the BlackShades RAT. As you can imagine, the increase of cyberattacks will also increase the amount of arrests in the cybercrime world. SpyEye is used by cybercriminals to infect and steal valuable information from the infected devices.

SpyEye tracker

The SpyEye tracker which is hosted on SpyEyeTracker.Abuse.ch shows found C&C SpyEye servers which are being used by cybercriminals. The SpyEye crimeware toolkit is currently being sold on the Darknet, the cybercriminals tend to sell the SpyEye toolkit for a minimum of 500 dollar. The SpyEye toolkit is similar to the Zeus toolkit in various ways. The SpyEye toolkit and the Zeus toolkit both own the function to record the keystrokes, to make daily backups, to steal FTP credentials, POP3 credentials and many more!

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