Spotify playlist Youtube downloader

This tool is able to download Youtube MP3 songs based on your spotify playlist.

What does this tool do

  • Downloads songs from YouTube in an MP3 format by using Spotify’s HTTP link.
  • Can also download a song by entering its artist and song name (in case if you don’t have the Spotify’s HTTP link for some song).
  • Automatically applies metadata to the downloaded song which includes:
    • TitleArtistAlbumAlbum artLyrics (if found either on Genius), Album artistGenreTrack numberDisc numberRelease date, and more…
  • Works straight out of the box and does not require you to generate or mess with your API keys (already included).

How to specify a custom folder where tracks should be downloaded?

If you don’t want to download all the tracks into your current directory, you can use the -f option to specify another directory.

How to skip already downloaded tracks by default?

If there exists a track in your download directory with filename same as the one being downloaded,the tool will prompt on whether to skip downloaded the current track or overwrite the previously downloaded track. You can change this behavior by passing one of promptskip, or force in the –overwrite argument.

From where are the tracks being downloaded from? Is it directly from Spotify?

No. The download happens from YouTube. Spotify is only used as a source of metadata.

spotdl typically follows the below process to download a Spotify track:

  • Get the artist and track name of the track from Spotify
  • Search for this track on YouTube
  • Get lyrics for the track from Genius
  • Downloads the audiostream from YouTube in an .opus or .webm format (or as specified in input format) and simuntaneously encodes it to an .mp3 format (or as specified in output format)
  • Finally apply metadata from Spotify to this encoded track

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