Spearphishing Attack Stole MH370 Secret Target Malaysian officials

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Hackers spearphishing cyber attack target  high ranking Malaysian officials involved in the flight MH370 investigation.Cyber attack affected some 30 computers belonging to officials in the Malaysia Airlines, the Civil Aviation Department and the National Security Council.

The stolen classified information being sent to a computer in China according Malaysian newspaper the Star.Security researchers at FireEye have revealed a link between a recent spear phishing campaign on Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 and the attacks conducted by some advanced persistent threat (APT) attackers.

Malaysian Airlines MH370 Finally Found! Watch the video Facebook malware

Those email contained confidential data from the officials’ computer, including minutes of meetings and classified documents,” he said as cited by the newspaper. “Some of these were related to the MH370 investigation.


This Youtube user has uploaded a animated video which explains how the MH370 co-pilot tried to use his mobile phone