Sophisticated Chinese APT Cyber Attack on National Research Council of Canada

The National Research Council of Canada in statement released on July 29, 2014,says that Chinese hackers have infiltrated on its IT infrastructure and forced to isolate it from the main government network.

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is the Canadian government’s leading research and technology organization.

Chinese hacked into National Research Council computers


Recently, the Government of Canada, through the work of the Communications Security Establishment, detected and confirmed a cyber intrusion on the IT infrastructure of the National Research Council of Canada. Following assessments by NRC and its security partners, action has been taken to contain and address this security breach, including protecting its information holdings and notifying the Privacy Commissioner. NRC has also taken steps to inform its clients and stakeholders about this situation.

NRC is continuing to work closely with its IT experts and security partners to create a new secure IT infrastructure. This could take approximately one year however; every step is being taken to minimize disruption.

We understand that this incident will affect ongoing business operations and every step is being taken to minimize its impact on our clients and stakeholders.

Due to security and confidentiality reasons, further details cannot be released at this time. An update on this situation is planned for July 31, 2014.

Date modified:2014-07-29