Someone is selling a LinkedIn DB for 100 dollars

When I was browsing the web, I stumbled upon a Pastebin with the title LinkedIn Database, this pastebin post was published on the 3rd of March 2019, and at the moment of writing it had 284 views.

The seller page

LinkedIn Database

Once I clicked on the Pastebin post, it was clear, that someone was trying to sell a database, which claims to hold LinkedIn records. The seller, tries to proof that this is real, by providing a set of 100 usernames and passwords in clear text in the Pastebin post. The used format is email:password.

Yes, this means that for .012BTC  you can hack ANY linkedin user, and if they use the same password on other sites you can hack into there too. Their iCloud with all their personal photos, their email accounts, facebook and instagram are all vulnerable to being hacked once you have this database.

Seller on Pastebin

The seller on Pastebin continues to state that once you have hold of the database, you will be able to hack any linkedin user.

The pastebin

The pastebin:

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