Some recent new hacks – A list you should know

Today we will give you hints of some new major cyber breach incidents from recent history. Cyber breach is happening almost every day, every day we hear the news about data compromise, ransomware attack, Credit card data stealing etc. the list is huge and will never end. We should learn about these incidents, so that we can take precaution to avoid any major mishap happen to us. Hackers sells our data, and earn huge profits. Here a list of recent Breaches that cost huge losses.

Checkers Dive-in Restaurants, inc. suffers data breach at 100+ locations – Checkers Drive-In Restaurants’ chief administrative officer and executive vice president says that bad actors had planted malware on some POS(point-of-sale) systems of 100+ Checkers and Rally’s locations. These guys might have stolen payment card information, including cardholder name, payment card number, card verification code and expiration date of some of the guest. You can find a list of impacted locations and their respective estimated dates of exposure here.

Chinese Dating apps database expose 42.5 million US user data – According to a report published in Security Discovery on May 28, 2019 a non password protected elasticsearch database exposes 42.5 million data of US users. The database is associated with various Chinese Dating Apps.

UK Major Pub chain ‘Greene King’ Gift Card website compromised by Hacker – Greene King Gift Card website is compromised by hacker. The website is . It is owned by United Kingdom Major Pub Chain Greene King. Data breach was disclosed on 14th May and confirmed a day later. Hacker got access of the following information.

Email address
User ID
Encrypted password
Postal code

Approximately 200k personal data of Amazingco exposed – Australian event planning firm Amazingco’s approximately 200k data was exposed. Exposed data includes names, email address, phone numbers, addresses. The breach was noticed by the researcher when he discovered a publicly accessible elasticsearch database.

Flipboard database hacked – Certain used data was exposed by Flipboard database hack. Flipboard is a popular social sharing and news aggregator service. Over 150 million people use this service. Between June 2, 2018 and March 23, 2019 hackers gain unauthorized access to Flipboard database. Hacker got access of the following information

Real name
Cryptographically (salted hash) protected passwords
Email addresses
Digital tokens for users who linked their Flipboard account to a third-party social media service.

Chinese company Truecaller get Hackedmostly Indians are affected by this incident – Millions of users of Truecaller affected by data breach. Truecaller is a popular service to avoid phone and email spam. Mostly Indian users are affected by this attack. Cybercriminals are selling data of Indian user in exchange for about €2000, and the data of users at global level in exchange for about €25k

First American Financial Corp. Leaked – Millions of documents of insurance giant First American Financial Corp related to mortgage deals leaked. The leaked data includes bank account numbers and statements, mortgage and tax records, Social security numbers, Wire transaction receipt, and driver license images. The leaked data was available without authentication to anyone with a Web Browser.

World Top Content Management System, Joomla Server Hacked – One of World Top Content Management System Joomla issued a statement that its server was hacked and subsequent to the breach, due to installed cryptocurrency mining script on some of the servers. After investigation  Joomla said they could have prevented the breach.

Australian Tech unicorn Canva gets a security incident – Australian Tech Unicorn Canva suffers a security breach. Approximately 139 million users were affected by this breach. A hacker known as GnosticPlayers takes the responsibility. Stolen data includes customer usernames, real names, email addresses, and city & country information.

Over 49 million Instagram users data was breached by a security incident – Instagram faced a major security breach. Over 49 million user were affected by the breach. Mostly Instagram influencers, celebrities and brand accounts were suffered by this incident.

Breach at Stack Overflow, but only some of the user data get exposed – Hakcer get access to a popular question and answer forum Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow said hackers obtained private data for about 250 users.

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