Snowden lied to the NBC, and this is why

Edward Snowden his interview with NBC’s Brian Williams shocked a lot of people. Hundreds of people are claiming that Edward Snowden lied during the NBC interview.

Snowden stated earlier that he is a spy, with a objective. Other people, see him as a person that got hold of a bunch of classified information.

Snowden lied

a top United States communication theorist explained that Snowden provided a disingenuous performance. The communication theorist was suprised of this fact.

Signs of lying

In Morgan’s opinion, Snowden’s body language during the NBC interview suggests a “willed performance” by a 30-year-old under immense pressure.

“This is a very smart kid who is trying to be something he’s not,” Morgan said. “And his body evidence is unconvincing.”

Inside the mind of Edward Snowden

After months of behind-the-scenes contact, “NBC Nightly News” anchor and managing editor Brian Williams sat down with Edward Snowden, a man wanted for espionage here at home, for his first American television interview. Nothing was off limits.

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