Snatch Ransomware Strikes LiveAction

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In a bold statement shared on their Telegram channel, the notorious hacking group, Snatch Ransomware, claims to have successfully breached the defenses of LiveAction, a company specializing in security solutions for businesses.

280GB of data lost

According to the Snatch Ransomware’ message, LiveAction has suffered a devastating loss of over 280GB of sensitive data.

Snatch Ransomware Mockery

Snatch Ransomware Gang on LiveAction
Snatch Ransomware Gang on LiveAction

In a daring move, Snatch Ransomware gleefully announced their triumph on their Telegram channel, leaving a trail of mockery and disbelief in their wake towards LiveAction

Snatch Ransomware DLS

They have recently unveiled an online and publicly accessible Data Leakage site (DLS site). This revelation intensifies the concerns surrounding potential (future) data leaks and cyberattacks by the ransomware gang.

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