Snatch Ransomware Group’s Telegram Channel Blocked

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In a significant development within the realm of cybercriminal activities, the notorious Snatch Ransomware Group recently faced a setback as their Telegram channel was blocked. Telegram, a popular messaging platform, took this action citing copyright infringement as the reason for the channel’s deletion.

Snatch Ransomware

Snatch Ransomware Group is infamous for its utilization of the double extortion tactic. This nefarious approach involves a two-pronged attack on victim organizations.

Step 1: Data Theft for Extortion

In the first phase, hackers infiltrate the target’s systems and steal sensitive data. This stolen data is then used as leverage against the victim organization. The threat of exposing this confidential information on the dark web becomes a potent tool for extortion.

Step 2: Data Encryption for Disruption

Simultaneously, the hackers employ encryption techniques to lock down as much data as possible within the victim’s systems. This encryption effectively paralyzes the organization’s operations, adding to the pressure on the victim to meet the cybercriminals’ demands.

Snatch Ransomware Group in Brief

Snatch Ransomware Group, which operates primarily in Russian-speaking circles, has been active since 2018. The group’s name is believed to be inspired by the 2000 Guy Ritchie film “Snatch,” featuring Brad Pitt. On their Telegram channel dubbed ‘Security Notification Attachment‘, they shared their view on how companies should protect their assets and clients.

Anonymous Sudan

Earlier this week, the notorious Anonymous Sudan Telegram channel with over 120K members got banned by Telegram. This was after Anonymous Sudan attacked Telegram with their DDoS attacks.

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