The Snappening: 200 000 “Teenager” Snapchat pictures have been leaked via 4Chan

The Snappening is the followup on The Fappening hack. This time the hackers have leaked a massive database of 13GB to the internet. The database has been stolen from a third-party Snapchat client application. The vulnerable environment of the third-party allowed hackers to obtain thousands of pictures from Snapchat users.

Snapchat is mainly being used by teenagers to exchange explicit pictures. Some might say that they use it to share their “normal” pictures, but 99% of the Snapchat pictures which are being shared can be classified as eplicit.

4Chan: The Snappening

4Chan members have named the Snapchat leak. The name of the new Snapchat leak is titled “The Snappening”. Earlier this year, hackers were able to download and publish hidden and private pictures from the iCloud database.