Skype, Facebook and Twitter users should take EXTRA care [MUST READ]

Cyber criminals and hackers are using a new tool which is titled ‘SocialSpread’, this tools is used by the cyber criminals and hackers to spread their malware/virus to thousands of unaware people within minutes, allowing them to grow a massive botnet within a couple of hours.

The reason why we are stating that Skype, Facebook and Twitter users should take extra care is the fact that the ‘SocialSpread’ tool focusses on the social media networks which have been mentioned before. The tool is being sold on forums for 15 dollars and various users on the site claim that the tool works and that they were able to infect devices in an increased rate with the ‘SocialSpread’ tool.

The developers of the tool claim that the tool provides the following features:

  1. AV Scanner – Inbuilt antivirus scanner that scans your stub with over 40+ antivirus engines
  2. Account Info – Displays NetSeal Account info including username, expiry date, etc
  3. Add to Startup -SocialSpread process also opens up on startup
  4. Anti DLL Injection – Protects your process from DLL injection and ring3 packet hooks. This
  5. ensures that the process remains undisturbed
  6. Anti Debug Option – Prevents your stub from being reverse engineered or debugged
  7. Bypass UAC – Fully functional method that bypasses User Account Control prompt once
  8. executed.
  9. Custom Login Info You can specify a custom login to be used instead of session hijacking or
  10. password recovery
  11. Delay Execution – Delays the program execution time by a custom amount of seconds
  12. Disable Firewall – Disables Windows Firewall so that it does not interfere with the spreading

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