Sir Martin Dipo Zimmermann from Cyber Threat Intelligence Network has passed away

Today I was informed about the unexpected death of Martin Dipo Zimmermann. Martin was the Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of the Cyber Threat Intelligence Network which is located in the Copenhagen Area in Denmark.

Martin was a Member of the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) European Threat Landscape Stakeholder Group, a Google Security Hall of Fame group member [x0xa] and he was a IBM-Security recognized thought leader in the Info-Sec community.

Martin was a regular commentator on the current Cyber Security landscape and was often blunt in his views. For several years he had been an early adapter and avid promoter of the vital shift in the information technology and cyber security industry towards a more Offensive Countermeasure paradigm. He firmly believed that targeted data mining combined with an active defense model is crucial to protecting the future viability of the Internet. Martin regularly advocated active defense frameworks and technologies available through open source channels.

His skills were:

Threat Intelligence, Threat Actor Monitoring, Trends Analysis, Penetration Testing, Network Architecture, Dark net Research, Information Security Management & Consulting, Incident Response.

He has passed away after suffering an heart-attack.

Martin Dipo Zimmermann
Martin Dipo Zimmermann

Martin Dipo Zimmermann

We wish the family, friends and colleagues of Martin a lot of strength and wisdom.

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