SiegedSec Claims Major Attacks on U.S. Government Institutions

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SiegedSec, a group known for its cybercriminal activities, has made some bold claims. In a recent post on their Telegram channel, they’ve stated to have launched successful attacks against several U.S. government institutions spanning five states.

Stated Targets

According to their own announcement, SiegedSec aimed their latest cyber offensive at the following entities:

  • Nebraska Supreme Court Intranet
  • South Dakota Boards and Commissions
  • Texas State Board of Health Care Examination (BHEC) Personal Information
  • Pennsylvania Provider Self-Service (PSS)
  • South Carolina Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)

The group also credited individuals known as NG and birdlinux for the alleged data acquired from Texas BHEC.

Claims of Defacement and Data Leaks

SiegedSec claims to have defaced the South Dakota Boards and Commissions’ website, leaving behind “special messages”. They assert that the website has since been cleaned up.

But the alleged activities of SiegedSec didn’t stop at website defacement. They also claim to have hacked and leaked documents from the Nebraska Supreme Court Intranet and South Carolina’s CJIS, and to have extracted personal information from Texas state’s BHEC.

Alleged Pennsylvania Provider Self-Service Attack

SiegedSec Claims Major Attacks on U.S. Government Institutions
SiegedSec Claims Major Attacks on U.S. Government Institutions

In their post, the group gives particular emphasis to the Pennsylvania Provider Self-Service (PSS). They assert that they were able to send out a system broadcast from the PSS administration panel, showcasing their ‘handiwork’ to all users.

Furthermore, SiegedSec claims to have accessed over 15,000 child care records. However, they state that they will refrain from leaking this data, citing the sensitive nature of the information.

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