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Shocking video scams on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

Shocking titles and clever methods are luring unaware users to malicious websites which are owned by cyber criminals and scammers, and I would like to use this moment to inform you about shocking video scams which are circulating the web.


The first thing which I want to take a look at is the “Shocking” part, the cyber criminals and scammers are using titles which will shock the average internet user. The scammers try to shock the unaware internet user as it will gain the interest of the internet user. Once the attention has been grabbed from the potential victim, the scammers will use the next trick, they will “include” a video.


The videos which are often included in the shocking video scams are 9 out of 10 times fake and the 10% which is real can be watched directly on Youtube without taking any extra steps. The scammers and cyber criminals include fake videos as they will certainly grab the attention of their victim.

The victim will think that it is a simple video which will be played once clicked, but the cyber criminals and hackers will use malicious environment to disable this option. Instead, they will force the victim to share the malicious website or scam.

Scam, virus, Trojan, Worm,Adware or Phishing?

The victims of shocking video scams often perform unwanted actions which will install malware and Trojans on the devices. It is also possible that the victim will land on a phishing page which will try to collect personal information.

On Cyberwarzone we have made a massive list of Facebook scams which try to lure unaware internet users to malicious websites. If you have time to take a look at the list, you will see that the shocking video scams all have similarities which allows you to identify them.

Help I have been infected by a shocking video scam

Do not panic, hackers love victims which panic. The first thing you will need to do is to save this page to your computer so you can read this will your computer is OFFLINE (DISCONNECTED FROM WIFI AND/OR THE INTERNET).

Now that you have downloaded this page, you can download a antivirus from MalwareBytes or you can update your installed antivirus package with the latest malware database.

Install MalwareBytes or run your already installed antivirus program. Once it has started working, you can disconnect your device from the internet. Allow the antivirus program to scan the device for shocking video scam indicators of compromise and allow it to clean the device.

Once the device has been cleaned you can reconnect the device to the internet.

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