[Shocking news] Terrorist shoot random people with AK-47’s

A shocking tape has been leaked on the internet which shows how a couple of terrorist start shooting random people in a city and a village. The terrorist use their car to drive by their victims. Once they see their victim, they open the fire with their AK47’s.

Terrorist go on a killing spree, shoot random people

The Terrorist go on a Killing spree, Shooting Random People with their AK-47’s video is not fake. The creators behind the video are still unknown and they have not been found yet. At a certain point in the ‘Terrorist Go On A Killing Spree, Shooting Random People With Their AK-47’s’ video you will see that they identify a soldier which is wearing civilian clothing. What they do after, is unbelievable. 

If someone is able to identify the music and the environment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

random people start shooting 3 random people start shooting 2 random people start shooting

Be aware, very disturbing footage.

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