[Shocking LinkedIn hack] This 1minute hack shows why it is important to enable TWO-FACTOR authentication on LinkedIn

We have been publishing videos for the last couple of days. The videos show how easy it is for hackers to obtain credentials from Facebook, Gmail and now LinkedIn users. The hack is setup via the Kali Linux project and the attack can be performed and setup within 1 minute. We decided to use the Social Engineering Toolkit, as this is incredibly easy to use.

It is important to enable two-factor authentication as hackers are able to obtain your password by various attacks. You only need to slip once, and they will have your password, but if you enable TWO-Factor authentication.

You will have to verify that you want to login. This step enables a extra security layer on your login procedure, and it is much harder for hackers to “fake”.

Watch the video below, and I hope that you will enable TWO-Factor authentication after watching the video.


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