[Shocking] Hackers are spreading infected leaked tapes of celebrities

We are all aware of the fact that celebrities are being used by cybercriminals to spread malware and hoaxes. Cybercriminals create clickfarming websites which will generate a revenue for them. The hackers use celebrities, as they are famous. The names and pictures of the celebrities are then used by the hackers and cybercriminals to create malicious environments. These malicious environments are made in such a way that they will infect unaware users by sending them a malicious ‘video codec’ update. Once the malicious application has been installed on the victim device, the hacker will be able to control the infected device. If the device has a webcam enabled, the hacker will be able to spy on the victim via the hacked webcam.

During our search for click farming websites, we found several celebrities which are being used by cybercriminals. We decided to make a list of these celebrities, as it will give you a perfect insight on how the cybercriminals will try to abuse the unaware users with fake celebrities videos and tapes.

Rapper Jay-Z

The rapper Jay-Z is famous for his rapping videos and his music tours. He has been in the business for several years and he has made a solid place for himself in the music industry. His wealth and fans make it possible for cybercriminals to abuse his name. A time ago, the sister of Beyonce attacked Jay-Z in a elevator. Right after the news was shared, cybercriminals made a malicious video titled ‘OMG Angry Jay Z leaked Solange Knowles Tape!’. We wrote a report on this malicious video.

Rapper T.I

The rapper T.I. has been making hit after hit. He has had various roles in movies and it seems that the cybercriminals and hackers are after him. The hackers are abusing the reputation of T.I., as they have released a malicious video titled ‘Tiny leaves T.I. so he leaked this tape‘. The cybercriminals are using the same scheme as they used on Jay-Z and the other celebrities. They force the victim to share the malicious page. Once it has been shared, the user will be redirected to another malicious page.

Rapper Eminem

The Rapper Eminem is known for his music videos which have a strong message. Cybercriminals are abusing the reputation and fans of Eminem by releasing fake videos which would show how Eminem performs ‘shocking’ stuff.

Rapper Lil Wayne

The reputation of the rapper LIL Wayne is being abused by cybercriminals. The cybercriminals upload various malicious videos which claim that LIL Wayne has become Gay. The malicious video went viral in April.

Rapper Rick Ross & P.Diddy

The name of Rick Ross is being used to spread malicious videos which claim that Rick Ross is gay. They share a malicious video of Rick Ross, which shows a picture of how he is kissing another man.

Rapper Nicki Minaj

The name of Nicki Minaj is being abused to spread malicious ‘leaked’ tapes. These tapes use photoshopped images to lure unaware people to the malicious websites.

How do they do it

These cybercriminals use ‘clickfarming generators‘ to create malicious schemes on the internet. These schemes are installed on hacked or free servers. It takes a while before the malicious websites are taken down. In that time, the hackers will be able to generate a revenue.

Why do they do it

Hackers and cybercriminals will keep launching fake schemes as they provide a solid revenue for the hackers or cybercriminals. These hoaxes reach a lot of people and the hackers often post various schemes at once. This is possible, as they use a clickfarming generator for this.


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