Shocking Facts Any Hacker can use against YOU

Hackers often use steady methods to find information about their targets, and some times, these hackers target people like you, and when they do that, they use the following facts to get more information about YOU (their target).

Social Media

Social media is a hackers best friend, they can use the social media networks to gather more information about their target. They can setup fake accounts and invite your friends to those accounts, and this can go on for months, until the hacker decides that it is the right moment to ask for personal information.

Your pictures

Pictures and any other type of content can be used to blackmail you. They can photoshop pictures in such an order that it will look inappropriate to publish to the web and more.

Your comments on the internet

Always remember, that the internet does not forget anything. Even your comments on the internet can be used against you.

What do you think that hackers are using in their attacks on ‘people’.

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