[Shocking] Edward Snowden has been killed

The United States is celebrating the death of Edward Snowden, just like they did when Saddam Hussein was executed. One of their greatest public enemies has been shut down. But it is not that far (yet). Edward Snowden is still alive, and he is still kicking ass at what he is doing best.

But there is a message, which we ALL need to remind. First they will try to humiliate you, then they will try to break you, then they will harm you.

So who are they? Everyone, that is against your morals and ideas. Some people will do it in a modest way, but some agencies and groups will attack in a physical way.

Snowden, they will try to break you

Do you all remember what they did to Saddam? And how the United States made it public how they killed Saddam? They will try to do the same with all their enemies, and like always. The body will disappear.