[Shocking] Anonymous message to Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin

The world has become a dark place, but the light has not gone out yet. There are still righteous people left on this planet that want to make a change; People that are not corrupted. You want to know why? Because we were all children, and we know how it is to have no worries. The worries start when we grow older and demand more.

I still believe in the fact that people can do amazing things. This goes for Obama, Putin and Netanyahu also. Do you want your children to bring forward the same mistakes you made? Because we certainly did not learn from WW1, WW2 and all the other wars did we?

I understand that we cannot drop our weapons, because we will continue to fight with sticks and rocks for our believes. But would it not be wiser to focus on one mission, as one world?

Stop fighting about religion, you see what it does. It destroys the religion you want to protect so dearly. Stop fighting about land, as it will destroy the land you want to build on.

Start fighting for the health of the children and people around you. Start feeding all the people in the world that are starving from hunger. Give the people water so they can be human!


You tried but you failed. But there is still a chance to make it right. Call your loved ones and ask them their opinions about your current goals. Are your goals as a president in the benefit of the United States? Are they in the benefit of the world?