[Shocking] Accident on the roller coaster in Orlando park

Cybercriminals have launched a new hoax on Facebook which is hitting unaware users with a malicious website which will demand the Facebook users to share the video first before it can be watched. This scheme is often used by cybercriminals that are after personal information and money as the malicious websites are often loaded with malware and surveys which will generate the cybercriminals a revenue.

The Facebook video which is titled “Shocking Accident Orlando Park Rollercoaster tried to be hidden’ is a picture which has been modified so that the unaware user will think that it is a video which contains an horrible accident with a Rollercoaster.

These type of schemes are used on social media networks as the chance of the malware going viral is higher then it would be send by a mail campaign. If you are an active social media user then you cannot have missed various schemes that resemble the Shocking Rollercoaster accident. There are currently thousands of malicious code active on Facebook which try to infect unaware people with a virus. Please share and inform your knowledge on social media threats as it will prevent a lot of headache for possible future victims.



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