CWZ Self IP checker tool: grabs your external IP for you [Free tool + source code included]

This simple and free C# self ip check tool will look up your external IP from websites that you have provided in the “SELF IP check list” tab. The websites which the tool uses all provide “RAW” information, meaning that only the external IP is shown.

The external IP is then grabbed from that website and shown into the “Your external IPs” tab. In the “Your external IPs” tab you will be able to view the time of each external IP you had.

The CWZ Self IP Checker tool also allows you to catch the external IP with a set timer. The timer will grab your external IP for you each 5 minutes and will then post it back in the “Your external IPs” output.

cwz self ip checker tool 2 cwz self ip checker tool 1

The tool is very straight forward and it is free to use.

When this application is installed on the client machine, a shortcut will be added to the Start Menu, and the application can be uninstalled via Add/Remove Programs.

THE CODE C# – code c sharp cwz self ip checker



SHA256: af9d247c9041ae6843d3156d801a59428c0166301942d6bc4608ce1a2d77afa6

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