Each security expert will have these relationship problems

Are you a nerd, security expert or a hacker and do you have a girlfriend, wife? Then you must have experienced the problems I am going to list. Before I continue, I want to apologize to the females that are working in this field. This article is made for men!

As you are reading this article, I can tell that you have isolated yourself from your surroundings or that you have setup yourself in such an way that you will be able to browse the internet without being disturbed. This is the first point, the most of our times we are busy with the computer. This is a fact that a lot of females hate, why? Because your attention would be better spend if it would be directed to your girlfriend. The second point is the fact that once you are awake, you will continue to work on your computer. They hate that because of the reason provided above.

So we know that they need attention, but when we are working which we are the most of the time, we are giving our girlfriend no attention.

So remember that if you are working hours after hours to give her some attention. You can do this by doing the following things:

  • Don’t ask, go ahead and make her some TEA. Females love TEA.
  • If you have a break, go ahead and give her some chocolate. Females love chocolate.
  • If you are at your work environment, if allowed, go ahead and send her a message that you miss her.

But don’t let me focus on the problems. Your girlfriend likes the fact that you are able to provide a certain income. If you work in the IT/ICT world, there will be always a job ready for you. They also like the good fingerwork which you can provide. YES, the fingerwork. Are you able to type 600+ characters each minute, then you are able to give her a good time!

Did you know that if you work in the IT world, you propable have a good set of brain? Females like smart men. The best part is of course the trips which you can take together, is there an conference abroad? Then take your girlfriend with you. Sightseeing and meeting new people is always fun!

I hope that you enjoyed the article as much as I did. Let us know if there are some tips or tricks which we missed. Or did we miss some problems? 😉 

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