Scarlett Johansson dead hoax

Scarlett Johansson seems to be one of the victims that are being targeted by celebrity death hoaxes. The scammers and cybercriminals behind the hoaxes are trying to lure unaware Scarlett Johansson fans to malicious websites by claiming that their favorite celebrity has died after being in an accident or something else.

The scammers which are using the name of Scarlett Johansson are mainly after personal information, financial information and access to devices of unaware users. The scammers and cybercriminals are after these things because there is a market on the internet which is interested in these type of information.

The information which is collected from unaware Scarlett Johansson fans is often sold on the darknet in big bulks. Your personal information is worth around 2 dollars on the internet and cybercriminals are buying this information in bulks of 100/1000 pieces and higher.