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Be aware of the “naija couple leaked” Facebook scam which is currently being shared on Facebook.

The “naija couple leaked” Facebook scam is being shared by unaware Facebook users which have been scammed by the “naija couple leaked” Facebook scam.

The Facebook social media network allows these scammers to generate thousands of euros each month.scam

naija couple leaked

The “naija couple leaked” Facebook scam got our attention on “ 10/1/2014”. We often stumble upon these type of scams as we have found a method to keep a track of them. Please do also note that we have an active stream of people which support us with resources on scams like the “naija couple leaked” Facebook scam.

The scammers behind these type of Facebook scams use shocking or exclusive pictures and videos to lure unaware users to their malicious websites or applications. Once the unaware user lands on the malicious “naija couple leaked” Facebook scam, the user will be forced to share and like the malicious website or application.If the user shares the malicious page, it will support the malicious website to go viral on a rapid rate. This is because of the fact that the shares and likes will be posted on the timeline of the unaware Facebook user.

Malware on “”


The “naija couple leaked” Facebook scam is currently being hosted on “”, this does not mean that the entire “” domain is malicious, but we can say that it is malicious on “10/1/2014”. The scammers will be able to install malware and/or force users to participate in a money generating survey application.

survey scam

The scammers will be able to use both methods to increase their hit rate. The schemes are made in such a way, that it will force the unaware user to share the malicious website.
The Facebook scammers behind the schemes, will use various methods to infect their unaware visitors:

  • Install Video Codec hoax
  • Download video hoax
  • Survey hoax
  • Upgrade your browser hoax

virustotal scan


What to do

We strongly urge everyone to take a look at the social media guide to secure your social media accounts and run an antivirus scan on your computer to find malicious codes on your computer.


If you cannot boot to your Windows environment, you will need to restart your computer, and while it starts you will have to press the (F8) key until a list shows which enables you to select “safe mode”. Once you have selected “safe mode” press “enter” and login to your windows machine. From that point, you will be able to start your antivirus application.

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Additional information

The African couple Facebook scam

Please inform your friends about this malicious scheme. We thank you in advance.

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