Scam: ISIS / Daesh will hack your Facebook if you have flag as profile picture

Beware of the scam which is currently trending on Facebook. The scam claims that Daesh (ISIS) hackers will hack your profile once your setup the ‘France Support’ picture as your profile picture.

The scam has been setup to scare people on Facebook into believing that ISIS / Daesh has the capabilities to perform such an attacks on thousands of accounts.

The only way that this scenario would be possible is that an malicious Facebook application would be used to infect unaware Facebook users. The other scenario would be an massive phishing campaign on Facebook users which have the France support picture as their profile picture.

So what can you do to be certain that you are PROTECTED against hackers (including: Daesh / ISIS):

  1. Read this guide on how to secure your Facebook profile 
  2. Do not add random people to your Facebook profile
  3. Do not install random applications on your Facebook profile
  4. Beware of malicious pages on the internet which ask for personal information
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